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Born on the racing circuit and tailored for the road, every-day driving never looked and felt so good. The CTS-V Sedan proves performance and elegance can be combined with stunning results. With 649 hp (477 kW)1 , 0–100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h, the CTS-V Sedan is the most powerful vehicle in Cadillac’s 115-year history. As fearsome on the track as it is on the road, this third-generation V-Series combines exhilarating engineering, functional design and sophisticated technology. Engineered to produce outstanding performance, the CTS-V merges a supercharged engine with responsive power and a cabin that’s precision-fitted with refined materials and features. This is the pinnacle of Cadillac’s performance design.

1 Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 13.0;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 298; Fuel Efficiency Category: G*


477 kW


0-100 km/h

Corvette Grand Sport

The Grand Sport has all the Corvette precision with a sportier edge for greater performance and endurance. With 466 hp (343 kW)1 , 630 Nm of torque and a top speed of 290 km/h, the Grand Sport sets a new standard. The powerful 6.2 L LT1 V8 engine accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Track-bred technology means responsive handling, impressive grip and pedal-feel – race car interaction and feedback. In terms of the BOOK by Cadillac service we will provide the Grand Sport as a Coupe.

1 Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 12.4 - 12.3;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 284-282; Fuel Efficiency Category: G*


343 kW


0-100 km/h


The ATS-V Coupe and Sedan with 470 hp (346 kW)1 both put racing power at your command. With an aggressive acceleration of 0–100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, delivering an impressive 603Nm of torque and with a top speed of 304 km/h, the newest, lightest and most nimble V-Series could be taken straight from the road to the track. From the twin-turbo engine and athletic lines to the driver-centric interior, each detail has been designed to push your driving limits.

1 Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 11.6 – 11.4;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 265-260; Fuel Efficiency Category: G*


346 kW


0-100 km/h

Camaro V8

For the sixth time in history, a unique formula of performance technology, meticulous design and engineering mastery have evolved the Camaro's already proven DNA. The result? A truly modern force to be reckoned with. With a blockbuster powertrain, an array of available connective technologies and a strong yet sophisticated design, the Chevrolet Camaro stands out in every way imaginable. In terms of the BOOK by Cadillac service we will provide the Camaro V81 as a Coupe.

1Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 12.8 – 11.1;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 292-252; Fuel Efficiency Category: G*


333 kW


0-100 km/h

Corvette Stingray

Better-than-ever acceleration, cornering and braking – plus racetrack-proven aerodynamics – propel the Stingray Coupe into uncharted territory. Corvette’s 7th-generation grand tourer also gives you a hand-finished interior – your theater for a thrilling, engaging drive – and brilliantly connected infotainment. The Stingray even automatically calibrates its systems to match the road ahead. Yours with the maximizing Z51 performance package as standard, there can only be one winner.

Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 12.4 – 12.3;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 284-282; Fuel Efficiency Category: G*


343 kW


0-100 km/h


The CT6 is the highest form of automotive excellence. The passions of performance, innovation and craftsmanship have been pushed to their furthest. Exhilarating to drive, innovatively engineered and beautifully sculpted, enjoy advanced technology with breathtaking design in confidence.

Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 9.8 – 9.6; CO2 emission combined (g/km) 223-218; Fuel Efficiency Category: E*


HD Rear Screens


Surround Vison


Versatility reinvented. The XT5 crossover was crafted to help you master whatever task you have at hand. Its generously-sized interior is filled with advanced features to help keep you safe and connected, while the chiseled exterior lines make a striking statement. A thoroughly progressive vehicle both inside and out, the XT5 was designed to accommodate your needs while expressing your distinctive sense of style.

Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 10.0;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 229; Fuel Efficiency Category: E*


Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

1,784 Liters

of Cargo Space


The Cadillac Escalade sets the standard for sports utility vehicles. Its perfect combination of sophistication, functionality and technology leave no expectations unsurpassed. At home on every road, the Escalade delivers powerful performance when you need it. With a bold, unmistakable exterior and unmatched interior craftsmanship, the Escalade exudes confidence and incomparable prestige.

Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 12.6;
CO2 emission combined (g/km) 287; Fuel Efficiency Category: E*



2,668 Liters

of Cargo Space

Each and every vehicle delivered is carefully detailed, both interior and exterior, plus it arrives with at least three-quarters tank of fuel.
Plus the finest level of features:
  • Phone Integration with access to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® Info

  • Premium finishes and materials

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