BOOK by Cadillac

Introducing a Premium Vehicle Subscription Service from Cadillac

Be among the first to experience the exclusive new program BOOK by Cadillac that offers more possibilities for drivers of premium cars. Coming soon to Europe.

Experience a New Way to Drive a Premium Car

BOOK by Cadillac is a service like none other. Simple, flexible and personal, it offers you a premium vehicle on your own terms so you can spend more time enjoying the drive.

BOOK by Cadillac - A Simpler Way to Get Behind the Wheel

There's no long-term commitment — and no need to worry about insurance premiums, taxes, maintenance, or mileage restrictions.

A More Flexible Way to Drive

Exchange vehicles at your convenience.

BOOK by Cadillac - A Dedicated Concierge at Your Service

Enjoy the services of a concierge who will manage the delivery experience for you, as well as be on hand if you have any questions or issues while driving.

Easy to Use

You can enjoy the BOOK by Cadillac service with a few simple steps. As a registered member, your vehicle will be only a few clicks away on the BOOK by Cadillac mobile app. Select your car and schedule delivery while you're on the go.

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